PVC Free Foam Sheet Production Line:

Transportation: such as steamship, aeroplane, carriage, traine compartment, roof shed, case core layer, inner upholster, etc.
Architecture: such as building wall board, decoration board, housing, office, public building interlayer, commercial decoration shelf, non-dust room board, ceiling plate, etc.
Advertisement: such as screen printing, computer lettering, ad board, etc.
Industry: such as chemical industry antisepticizing project, thermoforming, for refrigeratroy, for temperature keeping, for environment protection, etc.
Other applications: such as mould plate, sports equipment, breeding equipment, seashore wet-proof facility, water-fast material, art material, various interlayer, etc.
Sheet scope: Width: 1220mm, Thickness: 1-25mm
PVC Free Foam Sheet Production Line Width: 2050mm, Thickness: 1-18mm. PVC Free Foam Sheet:

Jiahao Machinery is Plastic Board Extrusion Line manufacturer in China,we provide high quality and low prices Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line.


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