PVT Marble Sheet Line

PVT Marble Sheet Line is a new environmentally decorative plates, its surface coating with PVC film after UV treatment, the surface hardness is greatly improved, more environmentally, waterproof, fireproof, scratch-resistant, more smooth and clean well-defined surface, Corrosion resistance . Many kinds of PVC patterns for choice, this greatly enhance the selectivity, they are accepted and recognized by the market.
Widely used in cabinets, sliding door, household, KTV, hotels, Internet cafes, entertainment clubs. In addition, you can choose profiles equipment to produce the different types of PVC marble profiles, which makes the decoration so perfect.
Product specification: Thickness: 2-6mm, width: 1200mm

PVT Decorative Sheet Line:

This product has widespread use as the replacement of wooden plates, aluminum-plastic sheets. It features moisture protection, corrosion protection, nice bending strength, no irritating odor, low weight, and recycling.
Indoor Decoration: It is used as surface ornamentation for inner walls, wainscots, ceilings and furniture, etc. It is ideal finishing material for new generation architectural space, free of coating, free of formaldehyde, environmental friendly and economical. It is especially suitable for the decoration of interior space of large projects, demonstrating elegance and magnificence.
Indoor Door Sheets: the sheets are well shaped with superior wood touch and western elements added, featuring natural health, excellent craftsmanship, strong three-dimension effect and novel design. They are ideal products for luxury residence and sites, and star-level hotels.
Product thickness: 0.5-2mm



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