Comparison of Flooring

  SPC LVT WPC Laminate Flooring
100% Waterproof Great OK Good Poor
Will not expand or contract Great OK Good Good
Stable in high/low temperature Great OK Good Great
Installation on any surface Great OK Great Great
Superior scratch resistance Good Good Good Good
Perfect sound absorbent Good Poor Great Great
Pet proof Good OK Good Good
Easy to install Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stable in rooms with sun lights Great OK Great Good
Core free of formaldehyde Great OK Great Poor
Indentaion & impacts resistance Great OK Good Good
Certificate of Patent

Main Technical Parameter

Machine type Extruder Main motor power Total power Sheet width Sheet thickness Output
JHB-92 JHZ92/188 110 308 970-1220 2.0-6.0 600-800
JHB-110 JHZ110/220 160/200 388/430 970-1220 4.0-8.0 900-1300
JHB-CO JHZ92/80 110/55 390 970-1220 4.0-6.0 700-900