LVT Flooring extrusion line Advantages

1.Flooring base sheet extrusion with 3-4 layers soft sheet hot-sticking lamination.
2.Bigger extruder for bigger extrusion output.
3.Our LVT Flooring Line Advanced cooling system adopted for better cooling effect suitable for bigger output.
4.Better quality of final flooring sheet with special material laminated.
5.More flexible with better foot feeling because of different layers of soft material.

LVT flooring extrusion line / luxury vinyl floor extrusion line, also known as LVT floor extrusion line, is an ideal equipment for LVT floor production.

Nowadays, LVT is more and more popular. It has become one of the fastest growing products in the flooring sector. As the manufacturing industry continues to invest heavily in technology and production, we are ready to do more R & D and creation in the LVT production line.

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