Application of PC Transparent Boards

Lighting ceilings for office buildings, lobbies, emporiums, gyms, recreation centers and public utilities
Weather sheds for stations, parking lots, bowers, corridors of waiting rooms
Safe lighting materials for airports and factories
Tents for modernization agriculture and aquaculture, and velariums for indoor swimming pools
Sound barriers for expressways and urban bridge roads
Guideboard advertisement, electric spectacular and exhibition arrangement
Indoor partitions for offices, private residence, domestic bathrooms

Sheet width: 1300-2100mm, sheet thickness 2-12mm

Application of PP Hollow Grid Plates

Featuring low weight, high intensity, moisture protection, environmental protection and fabricability, PP hollow grid plates can be processed into turnover boxes, packing boxes, partitions, underboarding, liner plates, pallets, etc. which are widely used as packaging in the fields of electronics, household appliances, suitcases and bags, machinery, posting, foodstuff, medicine, pesticide and advertising.

PC, PP, PE Hollow Shet Production Line 1

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