ABS,PS,PP,PE,PC,PMMA Single & Multi-Layer Sheet Production line Luggage Sheet Production Line

Jiahao Machinery is a Sheet Production line manufacturer from China,we provide high quality and low prices ABS/PS/PP/PE/PC/PMMA Sheet Production line

Sheet Production line Characteristics and applications

PC Boards: Magic decorations of parks and game houses, corridors and booths in rest areas; internal and external decorations of commercial building; aviation-used transparent containers, motorcycle front wind shields, shields of airplanes, trains, steamships, automobiles, steamers, underwater ships, etc.; telephone booths, advertising guideboards, electric spectaculars, exhibition arrangements; barriers of expressways and urban bridge roads.
PMMA Plates (Acrylic Plates): They have extensive application in instruments and meter parts, lighting instruments, decorations, building materials, planes and auto parts, medical appliances, craftworks, electric appliance insulating materials, specimens, tablets and various articles for light industry, culture, education and life.
Bathtub Plates: By co-extrusion lamination of PMMA-ABS, bathtub plates not only keep the surface gloss of acrylic boards but also own the shockproof performance of ABS plates. They have widespread use in bathing products such as bathtubs, shower rooms, steam houses, etc.
ABS, HIPS refrigerator boards: they can be applied as internal bladders of refrigerators, cores of doors and defrosting pans.
PS Conducting Strips: they are mainly applied in semiconductors, electronic and computer products, especially as packaging materials the fittings and equipments requiring dustless, no static electricity, discharge protection, shield of electromagnetic wave/radio frequency interference. It can also be applied in packaging of food, medicine, hardware, electron, toy, etc.

ABS,PS,PP,PE,PC,PMMA Single Multi-Layer Sheet Production line 2

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