SPC vinyl floor making machine Description:

The characteristics of the SPC floor:
(1) 100% waterproof, suitable for any indoor area in addition to the outdoor use;
(2) The moistureproof prevent slippery, moth-proofing anticorrosive antibacterial;
(3) The fire rating Bf1 level;Highest standard for floor, applicable to fire control occasions with higher requirements;
(4) High strength wear resistant;
(5) The high environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, food grade;
(6) Response real wood texture, can be adjusted according to need different colors;
(7) The installation is simple, maintenance is convenient;
(8) The foot feels comfortable, sound-absorbing the effect is good.
(9) WPC floor there are risks deformation at room temperature under 0 ℃;
(10) SPC floor is suitable for the cold (20 ℃) to the extreme heat (60 ℃) use of interior space


SPC vinyl floor making machine is the equipment which uses PVC and calcium powder as the main raw materials to produce SPC stone plastic floor. The raw material is produced by plasticizing extruded sheet, four roll calendering hot pressing color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, making various relief wood grain and various patterns, directly hot pressing the bottom cushion anechoic layer, and then UV wear-resistant treatment, slitting and slotting. It is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and fireproof. Stone plastic floor is made of PVC powder, additives, etc. after high temperature calendering, surface wear-resistant layer production, does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Your first choose for SPC flooring machine manufacturer in China. BENK SPC vinyl floor making machine also named stone plastic composite floor making machine which is used plastic extrusion technology to plasticize PVC with caco3 and other additives into SPC flooring sheet.

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