SPC Four-roller Flooring Production Line

SPC Four-roller Flooring Production Line Introduction

SPC Four-roller Flooring Production Line is the most mature flooring extrusion machine in China, its performance, stable operation, high output, low energy consumption, screw life of more than 180 days, Successive By ISO, CE, UL Quality certification system.

● The overall layout is reasonable, compact, small in size, and beautiful in appearance.

● The fuselage is for welding low carbon high – quality steel profiles. The cross-section of The fuselage adopts frame structure, and The steel ribs boards are set at The same time, The rigidity is good, And the overall body treatment and overall processing are adopted, and the deformation is small.

● The deceleration distribution drive system is designed and manufactured by our company regarding German technology. The transmission wheel train is carefully manufactured and specially treated with ultra-high-strength special alloy steel such as 20Cr2Ni4 and 45CrNiMoVA. The gear has high strength with high surface hardness and high toughness of the core; the box is processed by horizontal machining center; and adopts bearings of German INA company, etc. Imported bearings. Therefore, the whole has the advantages of high bearing capacity, large output torque, high torque coefficient, low noise, stable operation, and long service life.

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