WPC Production Line


Wpc Production Line

WPC  production line adopts Celuka foam technology, which can produce a kind of PVC/WPC foam boards with superior quality. These processes result in a “skinning” or outer layer of foam board and it achieves excellent surface hardness, rigidity and toughness and more scratch-resistance. This kind of furniture foam board has smooth and shining surface with characteristics of lightweight, scratch-resistant, durable, water and weather resistant, anti-corrosion, impervious to salts, insects and many chemicals including some acids.

WPC foam board can be nearly 100% recycled and reused. Besides,WPC foam board can be worked like wood with the tools for wood. It’s suitable forsawing, cutting, nailing, screwing, planning and sticking. It’s the perfect substitute for wood plates and steel plate.

WPC Foam Board Machine is our latest updated products. It’s continuously improved on the basis of requirements and feedbacks from our customers and combined with foreign advanced technology. It shows superior performance, high reliability and practicality with its compact structure, advanced configuration and outstanding output in the production of 3-20mm thick, high-qualified PVC foam board.

wpc production line is mainly used to produce wood-plastic profiles. The wood-plastic profile production line adopts advanced design concepts to ensure the efficient extrusion of plastic-wood profiles, up to 250phr CaCo3, helping customers save costs.

wpc production line

WPC Floor Production Process:

Step 1: Mixing

According to the proportion of materials, pour into → hot mixing with high-speed mixer → enter cold mixing and mix the materials uniformly through cooling;

Step 2: Extrusion

Add conical twin-screw extruder for heating and extrusion → enter the plate die for extrusion molding, the formed sheet passes through a four-roll calender, and the substrate is shaped → paste color film → paste wear-resistant layer → cooling → cutting , This series of processes is automatically completed on the production line.

Step 3: UV

Surface UV

step 4: slitting and grooving + packaging


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