Where are the advantages of spc flooring production line equipment?


Spc flooring production line equipment is mainly composed of conical twin-screw, mold, vacuum table, tractor, cutting machine and turnover rack. It adopts automatic control, with high degree of automation, stable equipment, simple operation and high production efficiency. We can produce wood plastic decorative wallboards, wood plastic wallboards, quick installation wallboards and ecological wallboards of various specifications, sizes, shapes and thicknesses by changing molds of different specifications.


The equipment surface of the spc flooring line is treated with environment-friendly materials, which do not contain paint components. The decorated room is free of odor, harmful ingredients and formaldehyde.


The products produced by the spc flooring machine are good materials for wall decoration in hot summer in the south and cold winter in the north. This product has thermal insulation performance. If frequency conversion air conditioner is used, it can achieve obvious energy-saving effect. It is an environment-friendly material.


The traditional gusset plate installation method is adopted in the design, which can be directly bent, spliced and folded, and the blank wall can be directly installed. The installation is no longer cumbersome, and ordinary carpenters can do it.

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