What are the bad habits that may damage WPC flooring?


What are the bad habits that may damage WPC flooring?

WPC flooring is very durable and wear-resistant.

To extend the service life of WPC flooring and enjoy these benefits, you should avoid some bad habits and behaviors, as they may damage your WPC flooring.


1. Use floor cleaners containing irritating chemicals

Cleaning products can cause warping, peeling, peeling, and moisture damage to WPC flooring, especially WPC flooring. They will peel off the coating on the WPC floor and reduce the natural gloss.

Avoid using products containing vinegar, ammonia, or oil to clean WPC floors. Cleaning products containing irritating chemicals, such as chlorine bleach containing sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite, can harm wood and affect its natural appearance. Instead of using highly irritating floor cleaners, it’s better to choose mild or natural cleaners that won’t harm WPC floors.


2. Regularly clean the WPC floor with water

The water on the floor is easy to penetrate, causing it to rot, weaken, and disintegrate, and causing mold to form and grow. This may lead to poor indoor cleanliness and may lead to injury. When cleaning WPC flooring, do not frequently use too much water and ensure that it is immediately wiped dry to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood.


3. Wearing high heels and walking on the floor

Although most families do not wear shoes when entering the house, some of us still walk around wearing shoes when we forget something. If you often wear high heels, please remove them at the entrance to avoid damaging your floor. They can cause dents, scratches, and chips on your floor.


4. Using the wrong cleaning tool

Always use soft cleaning tools to clean the floor, as abrasive materials such as hard brushes can scratch the floor and damage the coating on the wood, exposing it to moisture, bacteria, bacteria, and dirt. Except for sharp and abrasive materials, steam cleaners should not be used to clean wooden floors, as overheating and excessive humidity can lead to cupping and long-term damage. When cleaning WPC flooring, we recommend using a microfiber mop, soft cloth, and soft brush.

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5. Excessive exposure to the sun

Although it is not possible to avoid sunlight, it is important to avoid exposing the floor to direct sunlight for a long time, as this may cause color deterioration. Using curtains to block harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun is a simple way to prevent prolonged exposure to sunlight. Alternatively, you can protect your wooden floor from sunlight by applying sunscreen sealant to the wood.


6. Drag furniture

Some of us like to regularly change the layout of our home, which involves the movement of furniture. We also regularly drag our seats around for activities. This simple habit of dragging furniture can seriously scratch and damage the wooden floor. When moving furniture, please lift it off the ground or place a thick and soft carpet underneath it before moving to avoid damage.


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