What are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?


For over a decade, Jiahao Machinery has been focusing on producing lvt floor equipmentlvt floor line,Now let’s introduce what is LVT flooring?

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) come in various forms, including tiles, bed sheets, and wooden boards. It is a highly durable and versatile flooring material that is highly popular among homeowners and businesses. Luxury vinyl tiles aim to replicate the appearance and feel of natural hard surface flooring such as hardwood and stone; Due to advancements in technology and design capabilities, some of the feel and appearance of these luxurious vinyl tiles are almost indistinguishable from natural flooring

LVT floor

Vinyl base boards typically consist of four main layers; Wear resistant layer, decorative image, vinyl core and backing layer. These layers are made of synthetic materials that combine heat and pressure to form durable flooring materials. Installing luxury vinyl tiles at home is a reliable way to incorporate cost-effective materials while ensuring high-quality design and strength.

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