SPC Flooring Production Machine


SPC Flooring  Introduction

SPC Flooring Production Machine

SPC flooring production machine is a new type of environmental protection floor developed based on high technology.

Its raw materials are natural stone powder and PVC resin powder, after extrude the floor base board, wear-resistant layer and color film are laminated to the base board via the 4rollers calendar through heating, no glue is used in the whole process..

It has the characteristics of zero formaldehyde, anti-mold, moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-insect, simple installation and so on.

What is SPC  production machine?

SPC means stone plastic composite. It also a kind of new floor appeared in recent years. In comparison, the stability of SPC is much better than other floors for its extrusion forming production technology. Inevitably, SPC is relatively harder than other floors. The density of SPC reached 1.9-2ton/m3. SPC is not only has the stable and reliable physical performances, but also the chemical indexes can meet international standards.SPC Flooring Production Machine

The SPC floorings’ structure:

UV layer: Protects the product and enables easy cleaning and care.
Wear layer: Guarantees high durability and allows versatile application installations.
Color films: Offers multiple and unique product designs.
SPC Core: Improves product stability and increases strength while offering optimal indentation characteristics.
Foam: It is optional. This layer is generally made from IXPE or EVA foam, which provides sound insulation and cushioning.

SPC Flooring Production Machine

Products Description

Each part of the SPC flooring production line
1. SRL-W 1300/4500 Hot mixer and cold mixer unit
2.Crusher and Pulverizer(Used for recycling)
3. SJSZ110/220 SPC flooring production line
* Screw feeder
* SJSZ110/220Conical twin screw extruder
* Horizontal five-roller calander
* Cooling bracket
* Tractor
* Cutting machine
* Robot
4. SPC Flooring UV coating line
5.IXPE Slient mat laminating production line-Optional
6.V-shape Groove Painting machine-Optional
7.SPC Packing machine-Optional
8.SPC slitting and grooving machine

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