SPC flooring making machine video


The SPC flooring making machine is automatically fed into high-speed hot and cold mixing, and can be equipped with a five ton storage tank and an environmentally friendly dust suction system at each feeding port (to make the workshop dust-free). The material is then automatically fed to a twin screw extruder, and the material is discharged from a large plate mold structure for five roll molding (during which multiple layers of film on the surface enter the five roll hot bonding system). The cooling device for the roller bracket, cutting device, traction machine, and automatic cutting machine are also provided Composed of automatic plate lifting and other components. The unit has a compact structure and excellent performance. The screw and barrel have been optimized and processed with high-performance dual alloy steel, making the entire machine have the advantages of uniform plasticization, stable extrusion, high output, and long service life. The main machine material cylinder is heated by a cast aluminum heater, cooled by wind, and controlled by a precision computer screen. The precise shaping and calendering device ensures excellent shaping of the sheet metal through its excellent adjustment function. The cutting part adopts a fixed length cutting device to ensure the correct length of the board.

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