SPC Flooring Line


Features of SPC Flooring Line:

SPC flooring line has the characteristics of zero formaldehyde, mold, moisture, fire, insects, easy to install, etc. Easy installation, etc. SPC flooring has excellent stability and durability, solving the deformation problem of natural wood flooring, and also solving the formaldehyde problem of other decorative materials, SPC flooring has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and is suitable for indoor flooring. Choice, suitable for indoor flooring decoration in public places such as hotels and hospitals shopping malls. And compared with WPC flooring Compared with WPC flooring, the production process of SPC stone flooring is simple and low cost.

Spc Flooring Line

Flooring Line Advantages:

1. SPC flooring production line is energy-saving, high-efficiency and stable. The embossing rollers are easier to replace.
2. Easy to operate and maintain and QC check, and work with high safety.
3. pattern film and wear film can be connected, which makes no waste when changing winding machine.
4. Suitable for special SPC flooring formulations with good shrinkage and bending properties.
5. Equipped with an embossing tracking system to ensure that the embossing depth is always uniform.
6. Specially designed for SPC flooring production with turn-key operation.

Spc Flooring Line

Flooring Line Strengths:

1. Environmental protection without formaldehyde, SPC flooring does not use glue in the production process, so the flooring line does not contain formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful substances. The real 0 formaldehyde green flooring will not cause harm to human body.
2. Waterproof and moisture-proof, SPC flooring has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof and mold-proof, which solves the shortcomings of traditional wooden flooring that is afraid of water and moisture, so SPC flooring can be laid in the bathroom, kitchen and balcony.
3. Anti-slip, SPC flooring has good anti-slip performance, no longer have to worry about the floor becomes slippery in water and fall.
4. Weight for easy transportation, SPC flooring is very light and thin, thickness between 1.6mm to 9mm, the weight of each square is only 2-7.5kg, is 10% of the weight of ordinary wood flooring.

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