Process flow of SPC floor production line


Process flow of SPC floor production line:

1. Wood pretreatment: Wood segmentation

2. Natural drying (air drying)

3. Manual drying (drying kiln)

4. Health maintenance; Panel treatment: feed

5. Find out the planer in all directions

6. Four fixed ruler planing

7. Double end finish cutting

8. Division

9. Manual classification

10. Panel assembly; Core plate processing; feed

11. Priority truncation

12. Division

13. Selection

14. Core plate assembly: forming: panel, core plate and bottom plate feeding

15. Glue

16. Billet

17. Hot pressing

18. Stacking

19. Health care; Sanding: bottom sanding

20. Surface grinding; Finishing: it is composed of several putty, primer and paint finishing parts respectively; Tenon groove: tenon opening groove

21. Transverse tenon

22. spray code; Inspection package: grading

23. Inspection

24. Packaging

25. Warehousing

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