LVT Flooring Line


LVT Flooring Line Description:

LVT flooring production line adopts horizontal 4-roller calender system, which is a special design. Compared with the normal vertical 4-roller type, the 4-roller type not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also makes the color film and wear layer bond more tightly to the sheet. The rolls are heated with oil, and no glue is required.

The LVT series brings a variety of stylish wood finishes in registered embossed and XL formats. The series has a realistic surface texture that allows you to see the grain and knots as if they were real wood. It is suitable for both home and commercial applications.

LVT Flooring Line

LVT Flooring Machine Instruction:

The first two rolls are used to control the thickness of the paper and to increase the ductility.
The third roll is the laminating roll and our roll has a larger design with a diameter of 450 mm.
Compared to other 400mm regular rolls, our larger laminating rolls increase the area of the colored film.
The last roll is the embossing roll, which can be easily changed in design.

LVT Flooring Line

LVT Flooring Machine Advantages:

LVT flooring has the ability to bring life to a home with its unique style and quality, while adding durability to any room. Flooring is available in a range of realistic styles, so you can easily achieve the look you want while adding warmth underfoot.

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