Knowledge for treatment of PVC edge banding.


PVC edge banding is a thin piece of PVC edge banding material made of wood such as oak and cherry wood, which is used as the base material. It has the natural appearance of solid wood and exhibits soft and non-deformable product characteristics.

The edge banding of PVC edge banding is done manually without the help of an edge banding machine. In the actual use process, you need to pay attention to the choice of adhesive first, because the special wood-like material features of PVC edge banding itself will be affected by the environment  external temperature and humidity, so there is the possibility of moisture and water absorption. In the process of using glue to seal the edge, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the PVC edge banding strip itself and the changes in the surrounding environment to choose a suitable glue.

Only when the edge banding is done can the quality of the PVC edge banding be guaranteed, so in this respect, we can’t ignore it. I hope we can pay more attention to it.

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