Wpc Flooring Production Line


Wpc Flooring Production Line

Wpc flooring production line ​is mainly used to produce wood-plastic profiles. The wood-plastic profile production line adopts advanced design concepts to ensure the efficient extrusion of plastic-wood profiles, up to 250phr CaCo3, helping customers save costs.

​Application of wood plastic composite wpc profiles:
Our WPC wood plastic composite profile extrusion machine. Compounding domestic and abroad technology,with characters of high automatic level, steady performance, large output and high efficiency. It is most professional for producing various kinds of wpc profiles both outdoor and indoor by changing different moulds.

Wpc flooring production line is based on virgin biomass fiber as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of plastic substrate. It conforms to the principle of polymer interface chemistry of wood-plastic materials and the characteristics and requirements of plastic filling and modification. And It is only suitable for wood-plastic composite materials.

wpc flooring production line

Product Description:

Unlike most industries in the manufacturing industry, the production performance of wpc flooring production line mainly depends on the production process. Rather than the natural properties and specified performance of the equipment.

This is due to the immaturity of the overall production process of the wood-plastic industry. Due to the long-term existence of this phenomenon, it has greatly restricted and restricted the smooth development of the wood-plastic industry.

wpc flooring production line


WPC Floor Production Process:

Step 1: Mixing

According to the proportion of materials, pour into → hot mixing with high-speed mixer → enter cold mixing and mix the materials uniformly through cooling;

Step 2: Extrusion

Add conical twin-screw extruder for heating and extrusion → enter the plate die for extrusion molding, the formed sheet passes through a four-roll calender, and the substrate is shaped → paste color film → paste wear-resistant layer → cooling → cutting , This series of processes is automatically completed on the production line.

Step 3: UV

Surface UV

step 4: slitting and grooving + packaging


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