WPC Flooring Machine


WPC Flooring Machine Advantages:

1. Environmental protection without formaldehyde, WPC flooring machine does not use glue in the production process, so WPC flooring machine does not contain formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful substances. The real 0 formaldehyde green flooring will not cause harm to human body.
2. Waterproof and moisture-proof, WPC flooring has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof and mold-proof, which solves the shortcomings of traditional wooden flooring that is afraid of water and moisture, so WPC flooring can be laid in the bathroom, kitchen and balcony.
3. Anti-slip, WPC flooring has good anti-slip performance, no longer have to worry about the floor becomes slippery in water and fall.
4. Weight for easy transportation, WPC flooring is very light and thin, thickness between 1.6mm to 9mm, the weight of each square is only 2-7.5kg, is 10% of the weight of ordinary wood flooring.
WPC Flooring Machine

WPC Flooring Machine Features:

1. The technology is suitable for producing high-value wood-plastic products from various plastics and natural fibers with 90% waste plastics and waste natural fibers.
2. Scientific and rational technology, the machine has high efficiency and stable operation.
3. Parallel twin-screw extruder is used to mix wood and plastic and get a good uniform melt.
4. WPC flooring machine is a step of wood plastic extrusion technology, which saves energy.
5. The line can produce different sizes of wood plastic products by just changing the moulds.
6. Imported PLC automatic control.
WPC Flooring Machine

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