SPC Flooring Machine


SPC Flooring Machine Instruction:

SPC flooring machine is an upgrade and improvement of hard core luxury vinyl flooring. SPC flooring is composed of UV coating, SPC printing layer, and has the strength of stone. Its advantages include good dimensional stability.

SPC Flooring Machine

SPC Flooring  Advantages:

1. Environmental protection without formaldehyde, SPC flooring does not use glue in the production process, so SPC flooring does not contain formaldehyde. The real 0 formaldehyde green flooring will not cause harm to human body.
2. Waterproof and moisture-proof, SPC flooring has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof and mold-proof, which solves the shortcomings of traditional wooden flooring, so SPC flooring can be laid in the bathroom.
3. Anti-slip, SPC flooring has good anti-slip performance, no longer have to worry about the floor becomes slippery in water.
4. Weight for easy transportation, SPC flooring is very light and thin, thickness between 1.6mm to 9mm, the weight of each square is only 2-7.5kg.

SPC Flooring Machine

SPC Flooring Machine Description:

SPC refers to stone plastic composite material, also called rigid vinyl sheet, which is a new type of friendly flooring with zero formaldehyde.
SPC flooring is made by extruding PVC substrate, and using three-roller or four-roller calender, PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC substrate, respectively, are heated and pasted at one time to press out the product, the process is simple and finished by heating, no glue is needed.

SPC Flooring Machine


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