How to maintain the SPC floor and LVT floor?


How to maintain the SPC floor and LVT floor?

After spending a considerable amount of money installing beautiful flooring at home, the last thing you want to see is that they become dirty and damaged within a few years of moving in. How should you clean and maintain your flooring to ensure its maximum lifespan?

LVT and SPC flooring

SPC flooring is a subset of vinyl flooring, which is one of the most popular flooring choices due to its durability and affordability, installed in many residential and commercial properties.

To maintain the cleanliness of SPC and vinyl flooring, simply vacuum regularly to remove any dust from the floor. Cleaning dust will keep your floor clean and safe for you to walk on.

When vacuuming the floor, avoid using electric rotating brush heads or any other accessories that may damage the floor. On the contrary, please use a soft brush attachment or a bare board brush. Alternatively, you can use automatic robot cleaners as they are more gentle.

Secondly, mopping the floor with a wet mop helps remove dirt, disinfect, and maintain cleanliness. Avoid using wet mops that drip water, as water can seep out from the gaps between vinyl tiles, damaging the floor or causing it to expand.

When mopping the floor, avoid using irritating cleaners, varnishes, or oil-based products, as they can affect the texture of the floor and even damage it. On the contrary, please use mild cleaning agents and soft mop materials.

In addition, avoid using sharp or abrasive objects on SPC and vinyl tiles, and always immediately clean up spills to prevent them from getting dirty or penetrating the gaps between vinyl tiles.

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