How to lay SPC flooring on floors with underfloor heating and plumbing


How to lay SPC flooring on floors with underfloor heating and plumbing

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For ground heating (electric or water heating), the following requirements should be met during the laying process:

1) When installing the floor, the moisture content of the floor should not exceed 10%; Before laying the floor, verify whether the Hydronics operates normally and evaporate all residual moisture;

2) Three to four days before the installation of the floor, the Hydronics drops to a suitable installation temperature (about 18 ± 3 ℃ in the room); Geothermal heating must use standard functional elements, and the temperature of the Hydronics reaching the cement floor should not exceed 55 ℃;

3) It is strictly prohibited to chisel, nail, or drill holes on the ground with a geothermal heating system; When installing geothermal flooring, the surface temperature should be maintained at around 18 ℃. Before installation, gradually raise the temperature of the cement floor by 5 ℃ every day until it reaches the standard of around 18 ℃. Within the first 3 days after installation, it is necessary to continue to maintain this temperature. Only after 3 days can the temperature be raised as needed, and only 5 ℃ can be raised daily.

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