Do you know WPC flooring equipment?


WPC is a kind of modified thermoplastic material filled with wood fiber or plant fiber. This material has the advantages of both wood properties and plastic cost. Extruded or pressed profiles, plates or other products can replace wood and plastics.

The driving force for the development of wood plastic composites comes from the requirements of rational utilization of the limited resources of the earth, reducing the amount of raw wood, protecting our limited forest resources, and recycling old wood flour and plastics.

Wood fiber and plant fiber are rich in source, cheap, light weight, small wear to equipment, good dimensional stability, excellent electrical insulation, non-toxic, can be repeatedly processed, biodegradable. Wood fiber includes waste wood powder, wood shavings, sawn wood, plant fiber is crushed rice stalk, peanut shell, coconut shell, sugarcane, flax, jute, hemp, etc.

Thermoplastic plastics are mainly polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and other polyolefins and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), including new materials, recycled materials and their mixtures.

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