Can you place the WPC floor on the tile?


The idea of laying a new floor on top of existing tiles sounds promising in order to save the trouble of removing tiles. But can you place the composite floor on the tiles?

The short answer is yes, you can lay the composite floor on the tiles. However, there are some conditions and precautions that need to be noted here.

Ceramic tile conditions

If the tile shape is good and there are no looseness or cracks, you can lay a composite floor on the tile. If they are loose or broken, they are not advisable. For uneven existing tiles or protruding tiles, you can also apply leveling compounds throughout the entire tile span to properly level them before laying the laminate.

Floor height

Please remember that you will also increase the height of the floors, resulting in issues with the thresholds, floor transitions, and electrical appliances. For this reason, only thin pre processed engineered hardwood or laminate is suitable. This is because they are either glued, floating, or using a click lock system. When laying laminate flooring on tiles, you must also leave a% inch gap around the perimeter to allow expansion and installation under the baseboard and molding.

Order samples for testing at home

You can assume that there is a moisture-proof layer below the ceramic tile layer. If not, the ceramic tile itself is a whole. However, laying a cushion under a composite floor is also a wise approach, which can provide warm soles, sound insulation, and better moisture-proof protection. Once the leveling compound dries, lay the cushion layer. If the composite floor has an additional cushion, no additional cushion is required.

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