SPC Flooring extrusion equipment Features:

  • —Our SPC Flooring extrusion equipment is Easy operation and maintenance and QC checking, and working with high safety
  • —Patent Design on base of over 10 years’ sheet extrusion and lamination production experience, SPC Flooring production line will be energy saving, high efficient and stable.
  • —Suitable for special SPC flooring formulation, with good performance on shrinkage and bending.
  • —Make special design for SPC flooring production and offer turnkey project.
  • —Compare with other companies’ machine, our online lamination system make the wearing layer have better plasticization and more peel strength on product surface.


SPC floor is a kind of composite floor, the main component is PVC, the top layer is transparent pure PVC layer, and the bottom layer is hot laminated printing layer and foaming layer. Because of its richness and particularity, it is widely used in all aspects of life, such as housing decoration, commercial decoration and so on.

SPC flooring is also very popular all over the world. It appeared in the Chinese market in the early 1980s, and has been accepted by large and medium-sized cities. It is widely used, such as families, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commercial places, stadiums and so on.

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