All kinds of JHD extruder is mainly used in PVC, PE, PP, PS,ABS, PA, PMMA,PET etc plastic material extrusion. Equipped with suitable mould and downstream equipments, the extruder can produce plastic sheet, film, profile, pipe etc products. Single screw extruder can also be used in pelletizing field.

Single screw extruder Main characteristics:

  • Advanced computer module control system enables implementation of automatic control on overall production line.
  • Temperature control system of excellent performance ensures stable output.
  • Powerful driven system assures durability and easy maintenance.
  • Design of compulsively water-cooling and feeding grooved sleeve ensures steady production.
  • Low abrasion design of screw
  • High fusion of material
  • Gently fusion of material
  • Low consumption of energy
  • Even chroma and excellent effect of prefabricated mixture production

Main Technical Parameter

Model JHD45 JHD60 JHD75 JHD90 JHD100 JHD120 JHD150
Motor power(KW) 7.5-45 22-90 37-132 45-185 55-280 75-315 90-355
screw dia.(mm) 45 60 75 90 100 120 150
L/D ratio 25-33 25-33 25-35 25-35 25-35 25-35 25-35
Produced plastic PVC, PE, PP, PS,ABS, PA, PMMA,PET etc
Extrusion output Various according to different plastic and equipped motor
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