How to maintain the belt of SPC floor production equipment?


As an important power transmission part of SPC floor production equipment, the belt of floor production line adopts synchronous belt meshing transmission to realize continuous walking on the glass, and scrub the cleaning cloth on the chassis to ensure the cleaning effect! In addition to normal use, we should also pay attention to routine maintenance! The following is the introduction of the belt manufacturer of our floor production line to you:

1. Rag maintenance – remove the cleaning rag, rinse and dry.

2. Maintenance of bottom assembly:

Suction cup – wipe with a dry cloth to avoid damaging the suction of the product. Guide wheel – wipe with a dry cloth to maintain sensitivity.

Anti drop sensor – wipe with a dry cloth to maintain sensitivity. Dust strip – wipe with a dry cloth to keep the dust removal effect.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of driving wheel:

Please turn off the power switch on the handle before cleaning. Please clean when the driving wheel is stationary (use the direction key of the remote control to turn the hidden part of the driving wheel). Wet and wipe the belt of the driving wheel plate production line with a wet rag, then wipe the mark with a dry rag and dry the belt to avoid slipping!

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